Applecross Residence, Perth WA

Applecross Residence, Perth WA
Charred Oak garage door - PerthCharred Oak garage door - PerthCharred Oak garage door - Perth


Private residence in Perth, Western Australia


Millboard carbonised charred wood free boards used here as a Garage door and cladding in Applecross Perth. Traditionally, using blackened solid timber as a cladding can put great stress on the timber and cause shrinkage etc due to the heat. Millboard is the perfect alternative for cladding - you get the look of real wood without the issues. Each piece is hand coloured which gives a super realistic timber look. Best of all... Millboard requires virtually no maintenance!

Professionals involved

Millboard Australia

Product/s used

Millboard Charred Oak (discontinued) - replaced by Millboard Burnt Cedar


Titus Dartnall - Millboard Australia