Why Lacquer is the New Oil

Why Lacquer is the New Oil

Above image: Lacquered wood plank (L), Natural oiled wood plank (R)

Natural oiled flooring has long since been a trend in mid to high-end interiors; from luxury homes to restaurants, hotels and more, everyone loves a natural oiled floor. However the natural oiled floor is somewhat like the pedigree dog of timber flooring - it looks beautiful but requires special attention and extra expense. Enter the perfect solution; the no-fuss lacquer that looks just like an oil finish!

The reality of natural oiled floors

As most would know, natural oiled floors require special routine maintenance to replenish the oil coating. A bit like applying moisturizer, the maintenance product helps to protect the floor from staining, while enriching the colour, filling in fine scratches and preventing the timber from drying out. After a natural oiled floor is replenished it is often recommended not to walk on it for a period of time. The maintenance program, alongside normal cleaning, requires effort and dedication.

For the most part, New Zealanders are a laid-back people with busy lifestyles to lead. Maintaining a natural oiled floor (whether in residential, commercial or hospitality applications or otherwise) is usually the last thing on our mind. If left without maintenance an oiled floor can quickly deteriorate. We have seen horror stories time after time where oiled floors have not been maintained and have become badly stained, dull and dried out. In extreme cases the floor may need to be replaced altogether.

An easier alternative

A lacquer finish provides a protective coating over the product which prevents staining and helps to resist scratches and dents. Over the last 5-10 years, lacquers have come a very long way. Gone are the days of the smooth and shiny - now thanks to modern technology, lacquers are available with extremely low sheens.

At Forté we have worked with our suppliers to develop lacquer coatings that achieve the look of a natural oiled floor - extremely matte and raw-looking, with rich colour and non-yellowing properties. Our Lacquer finishes are extremely easy to care for and require no special maintenance. With a Forté lacquered floor, nobody will know it's not an oil and you can lead your busy lifestyle without a worry!

Date Added: Thursday, 27th September 2018