Watch: Millboard Invisible Screws in Action

One of the big hits at our recent Millboard launch was Millboards disappearing Durafix screw system!

Millboard's unique disappearing Durafix screw system makes installing Millboard simple. With no pre-drilling, counter sinking or clip fixings required - all you need to do is screw them in. This saves a lot of time and makes Millboard about 20-30% quicker to install than traditional hardwood decking. Once the screws are in far enough, the Lastane® coating material of the Millboard decking simply flexes back over the screw, leaving a virtually indistinguishable mark and creating a beautiful clean finish.

Made from stainless steel, the screws have a self-cutting tip, six-point Torx head and are waxed for ease of use.


Date Added: Thursday, 2nd August 2018