Watch: Imondi Craftmanship


Introducing Imondi; An innovative range of genuine reclaimed flooring and wall solutions, which has just launched in New Zealand.

Forte Flooring are proud to be NZ's exclusive reseller for Imondi, a globally recognized and award-winning company who specialize in reclaimed flooring and wall coverings. Imondi reclaimed products are made from all kinds of salvaged timbers, ranging from wood rescued from old boats and barns to the wooden poles in the Venetian canals.

With several design awards acquired during their time, Imondi has grown to be one of the world's leading reclaimed flooring and wall panelling manufacturers with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and The Netherlands. Together with their industry partners, they continue to work towards a better world through design and with our powers combined we will be able to create bigger and better things.

Imondi are big on sustainability and firmly believe their range of reclaimed engineered products is the most environmentally friendly range available currently on the market. All Imondi products are both FSC-certified and LEED-compliant.

Great products come from fine materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Imondi's skilled craftsmen are passionate about what they create.

Each piece of lumber is carefully selected by Imondi's expert craftsmen in view of carefully transforming it into something extraordinary, once again. The expert eye of their artisans analyse each individual board they are working on, recognizing each beautiful characteristic for what it is and considering how best to treat and repair it. Imperfection and erosions caused by the passage of time are worked on with highly disciplined hand-work to bring out the characteristics of the wood. Each individual board is finished in the individual style of the specific artisan who crafts it. Imondi's craftsmen, through the use of traditional methods, produce a floor that they believe sets the standard globally for the reclaimed industry.

Date Added: Thursday, 14th July 2016