Top 5 Timber Flooring Colours of 2016

Top 5 Timber Flooring Colours of 2016

1. Yellow-based & Golden tones (the natural occurring yellowish colour of Oak) grew further in popularity since 2015 and once again topped the flooring colour choice of the year. These tones are a traditional choice and have been popular for years. We see these colours remaining a mainstay in flooring colours for a few years yet!

2. Warm Caramel-like Browns were the second most popular in flooring colours for 2016, overtaking blondes which were in second place last year. The popularity of caramel tones has surged hugely this year with the growing trend for natural colours and textures in interiors. We see this trend as continuing this year also.

3. Blonde floor colours fell back to third place, after the hit trend for scandinavian-style interiors slowly settles back and other interior styles become popular. Although no longer at the forefront, we do feel that Blondes will stick around for a while!

4. Greige (a mixture of grey/beige) has been popular for a number of years now and remains in 4th place. We believe the success of this colour is due to its neutrality - it works well with most colours in the colour wheel and can be paired with most greys and beiges, which makes it easy to match with carpets and other furnishings.

5. Darker Grey tones grew in popularity, taking 5th place in the most popular colours of 2016. We believe the demand for grey flooring is the result of the trend for grey-based interiors, which has been around for some time now. We don't believe this trend is going anywhere anytime soon, in fact it may well step up in the ranks next year! We'll see...

Other up-and-coming colours to watch include lighter greys, whites/off-whites and walnut browns.

Date Added: Friday, 20th January 2017