Tips to Choosing a Practical Flooring Colour

Too light and your flooring will show dirt and grime - too dark and you will see every crumb and dust. Nobody wants to spend their whole life vacuuming and mopping a floor that just won't look clean. So what timber colours are the most practical?

1. Avoid very dark or very light colours.
2. Natural Oak colour is usually a safe option. Mid browns and greys are generally good choices too.
3. Try and choose a flooring style that has a variety of tones in it, rather than a flat colour. The more different tones and textures in your flooring, the more it will hide (and vice versa - the more solid a colour you choose, the more it will show). Flooring with a contrasting colour in the grain, (e.g. a wash), will also help.
4. The more rustic your floor is, the more it will hide. If it does wear over time, this will only add character. If knots and cracks are filled in a contrasting colour this also helps.

Tips to choosing a practical flooring colour

Date Added: Tuesday, 23rd August 2016