Timber Trends to Watch in 2017

Timber Trends to Watch in 2017

Need inspiration for designing a trendy interior this year? Look no further than this article, where we reveal the latest and greatest in timber trends from the world of interiors...

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1. Geometric Patterns
Geometric patterns were everywhere at the flooring world trade shows this year. Parquet designs such as this Chevron pattern have been around for a few seasons and we don't think they will be going anywhere soon. These patterns are popular for flooring, feature walls, counter-fronts and more.
Image: Forté Flooring Pro-Plank Chevron Oak 120 x 600 | Photography by Forté Flooring

2. Timber Slats
Timber slats are a HUGE trend in interiors at the moment and give a modern contemporary feel to a space. They can be used on walls and ceilings to provide visual interest, texture and warmth or can be used in place of screens to divide up an area.
Image: Studio 1 Architects via Dezeen website | Photography by Anne Schwarz

3. Rustic & Reclaimed Timbers
Rustic and reclaimed timbers continue to be popular as they inject an incredible amount of warmth and character into a space. They make stunning feature walls and counter fronts.
Image: Forté Flooring Imondi Salvage Pine Raw | Photography by Forté Flooring

4. Extreme Wide Planks
The trend for wide planks seems to get more and more extreme each year! Wide planks are fantastic for large open areas as they minimize the visual disturbance caused by joints in the floor, helping to create a luxurious and seamless-looking interior.
Image: &Tradition via The Design Chaser | Photographer unknown

5. Warm Caramel Tones
Caramel has risen as result of the trend for natural and neutral interiors, as it works well with raw materials such as concrete, plywood, stone etc and adds the perfect amount of warmth to otherwise monochrome interiors.
Image: Forté Flooring Woodline Mackenzie Oak | Photography by Forté Flooring

Date Added: Wednesday, 15th February 2017