Styling Inspo: Bohemian Rust

With autumn officially here we are inspired by nature evolving around us - the beautiful autumnal sunsets, the colours of falling leaves and the creeks gushing with fresh rain. Suddenly it is time to put away the fresh colours and make our homes cozy again, ready for the impending winter.

Achieve our cozy Bohemian Rust look using a base of warm off-white and pairing with tactile materials such as textured wool cushions and rugs, raw timber wall planks and rustic autumnal foliage. Pair with a rust-coloured statement piece for warmth - here we have chosen a stunning sofa from Soren Liv (, however you might choose to have a rust-coloured feature wall for an option that is easier to update in the future. Finally, accessorize with natural materials, such as brass, wood, and bone, along with some nature-themed artwork.

Style Insp: Bohemian Rust

Classique Yacona

Salvage Pine Raw Plank

Nebraska Silver

Gus Adelaide 3 Str

Square table

Taj Bone Cube SideTable

22598C Gypsy Cream

Water jug

Modern wall art

Brass Gava Dish S

Foliage Safari Pine Stem

Foliage Nut Pod Spray 76cm

Date Added: Wednesday, 15th March 2017