Now Supplying: Imondi Lamellas

Now Supplying: Imondi Lamellas
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Due to the popular demand for reclaimed timber wall cladding options, we have introduced a cost-effective new collection called Imondi Lamella. This range is super affordable and perfect for achieving a reclaimed timber look for your feature walls, counterfronts, splashbacks and more.

So what's the difference between Imondi Engineered and Imondi Lamella?

Imondi Engineered: This collection has a veneer of reclaimed timber that comes fixed to an thick engineered backing, which allows the product to be used for flooring, feature walls and more. The engineered composition helps with stability of the product but also makes it quite expensive.

Imondi Lamella: With this collection there is no engineered backing - just a 4mm piece of genuine reclaimed timber, available in a number of styles. This can be glued or face-fixed to any surface to walls/counterfronts/planters etc to create a genuine reclaimed look for less!

Date Added: Tuesday, 10th July 2018