Moda Collection to replace Smartfloor

Moda Collection to replace Smartfloor

With the introduction of our new Moda Collection has come the decision to phase out our longstanding core Smartfloor range. Smartfloor was our first engineered timber flooring brand and has been around for over a decade. While we’re sad to see it go, we’ve ensured Moda has many similarities, and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the many additional benefits it has to offer, including its new improved finish and sustainable certification.

Moda and Smartfloor similarities:
• Both ranges consist of engineered Oak flooring, with almost identical dimensions
  (Moda: 190mm W x 16mm H x 2.1m L / Smartfloor: 189mm W x 15mm H x 2.2m L)
• Equivalent price point
• Wide range of colours (10 in each)

What makes Moda even better:
• Made in Europe using the latest technology
• Made using FSC certified European Oak
• New & improved colours
• Improved finish - Extremely matte, looks like an oil without the hassle of maintenance
• Patterns available - All colours available in chevron, herringbone and other geometric patterns
• Wide planks available - All colours available in wide plank by custom order 300mm W x 19.05mm H x 2.95m L
• Matching Skirting boards and reducing profiles available
• Improved stair nosings - Wider solid Oak profile with a more rounded edge to prevent chipping
• Care products available - Cleaning products and a surface refresher to keep your floor looking new for years to come
• Matching stains and topcoat polyurethane available - Perfect for repairs or staining other Oak products to match
• Matching touch up wax filler available - Makes it easy to fix scratches

The most popular colours in the Smartfloor Collection have been replicated and improved in the Moda Collection. Please see below for our list of recommended Smartfloor alternatives below.

Smartfloor Blond Oak – Moda Capri
Smartfloor Sandstone Oak – Moda Tuscany
Smartfloor Prime Oak – Moda Sorrento Prime
Smartfloor Feature Oak – Moda Sorrento Feature
Smartfloor Marron Oak – Moda Isola or Moda Dolcedo
Smartfloor Lignite Oak – Moda Dolcedo
Smartfloor Blond Oak Herringbone – Moda Capri Herringbone
Smartfloor Natural Oak Herringbone – Moda Sorrento Herringbone
Smartfloor Marron Oak Herringbone – Moda Dolcedo Herringbone

Please note: For clients with projects where a Smartfloor-to-Moda switch is less than ideal, you will be happy to learn that Smartfloor will continue to be available by special order once our current stock has sold.


Date Added: Thursday, 19th December 2019