How to Make a Statement of Your Timber Floor

Want to make a statement from timber flooring that will set you apart from the rest? This article is for you! But just before you set your heart on any of these suggestions, there's a few things you should know.. First up, most of these suggestions apply to real timber flooring only (not laminate flooring). Secondly, most of these options will cost more than a standard plank floor for two reasons - one, they are not standard everyday options and two, they may take extra time or expertise to install. However we promise you they will certainly make an impact!

How to Make a Statement of Your Timber Floor
How to Make a Feature of Your Timber FlooringHow to Make a Feature of Your Timber FlooringHow to Make a Feature of Your Timber FlooringHow to Make a Feature of Your Timber FlooringHow to Make a Feature of Your Timber FlooringHow to Make a Feature of Your Timber Flooring

Play with Parquet

Ancient European castles, manors and homes of wealth traditionally had small parquet flooring patterns laid throughout such as herringbone and chevron patterns, or Versailles panels. These floors required huge amounts of expertise and craftsmanship to make and for that reason only the very wealthy could afford them. To this day parquet patterns are viewed as somewhat of a luxury, although they are now more easily produced they are still more expensive than a standard plank floor and require special expertise to install.

Parquet patterns, especially herringbone and chevron have become very trendy of late and are the perfect way to make a statement of your floor. Parquet patterns are now commonly used throughout entire homes although can also be used solely in an entrance way as a feature, and paired with standard plank flooring throughout the rest of the interior. Larger format parquet patterns (than traditional size) are now available, which give a more modern and clean look and better suit today’s open-plan living spaces. They can also make beautiful feature walls or counter fronts!

Lay Diagonally

Running your floorboards diagonally creates a powerful visual statement that immediately draws people’s attention to the floor the minute they enter the room. It works especially well in large rooms where there is enough space for it not to be too overpowering. However do take into consideration, diagonal installations require more work to install and use more wood, because a lot of unusable offcuts occur when making the angled cuts.

Use a Border

For extra impact, flooring plank borders can be laid around regular plank or parquet flooring. This tends to suit larger spaces better and really gives a look of luxury. If your flooring is being finished on site, you could even choose to have the borders in a darker or lighter shade to the rest of your flooring so they stand out.

Play with Colour

This applies particularly to parquet patterns - Don't be afraid to use a mixture of different colours! - For example you could have your herringbone or chevron pieces stained in black, white and grey. Once laid that would make one incredibly stunning statement floor (or feature wall, if you wish)!

Use Mixed Widths

Historically, mixed width planks were created in order to utilize the cut of the tree in the most efficient way. As technology advanced, flooring widths became standardized and mixed width flooring was to some extent forgotten. Mixed width planks are now harder to come by and for this reason are somewhat sought after - almost something of a status symbol. Using mixed width planks in your interior helps to create a floor with a more natural, authentic feel. Mixed width flooring is not common in New Zealand, however this is something we are able to source!

Make it Tactile

Texture is a huge trend currently. Our exclusive Villa Sawn Oak flooring comes unfinished with a sawmarked surface effect ready to be stained and finished to your preference. The sawmark effect creates an irregular linear texture that looks stunning and feels lovely underfoot. For feature walls we have an even more pronounced sawmarked product known as Tactile.

Date Added: Thursday, 10th August 2017