How to Clean Timber Flooring in High Traffic Areas

How to Clean Timber Flooring in High Traffic Areas

Whether a retail store, restaurant, hotel, or just a busy residential home, cleaning is key to ensuring the longevity of timber flooring in a high traffic area. Please note: This article is specific to lacquer finished flooring supplied by Forté

Everyday cleaning

Flooring in high traffic areas should be cleaned as often as daily, always with a cleaning product approved for the type of coating on the floor. This will help avoid a buildup of dirt, dust and grime on the floor surface and in the grain, which (especially on a brushed or textured floor) can be difficult to remove and leave it looking dirty and uncared for.

Deep clean

If your Forté lacquer finished timber floor appears dirty even after it has been cleaned, it may be time for a professional deep clean with the Bona power scrubber. This will remove any buildup of dirt or debris that may have gathered on the floor surface and in the grain. For more information and recommendations on who can carry out this procedure please contact us using the link below.

Does your floor need more than a clean?

If your floor coating is scratched or damaged it may require more than a clean – see our article 'How to Maintain Timber Flooring in High Traffic Areas'.

If you would like any information or contacts for cleaning your timber flooring please contact us.

Date Added: Wednesday, 18th September 2019