Hot trend: Chevron Pattern

Hot trend: Chevron Pattern

Chevron floors and feature walls are a huge trend at the moment, offering a more modern alternative to the traditional herringbone pattern.

Image credits (Clockwise from top left)
1. Appartement Trocadéro by Rodolphe Parente | Photography by Olivier Amsellem
2. Kinfolk Home book photography by Jonas Ingerstedt
3. Beautiful Dutch Kitchen by Lodder Keukens | Image credits Lodder Keukens
4. Hong Kong Apartment by Hoo | Image credits Hoo

We supply both herringbone and chevron pattern flooring like you see in these pictures, which can be finished on site to achieve the exact colour you require. Click here to view our Chevron and Herringbone options.

Date Added: Tuesday, 19th April 2016