Great Reasons to Choose Millboard

Great Reasons to Choose Millboard

Manufactured in the UK

High quality product, made to last

Tried & tested

First manufactured in 2006 and now used globally, from the cold of Scandinavia to the heat of Dubai and the humidity of Singapore

Authentic Texture

Moulded from real timber, not extruded like plastics. Looks just like timber, with the texture to match


No real wood content = no splinters!

Resistant to algae

Unlike wood, there is no protein content to enable algal growth

UV & weather tested

Tested in all weathers from -20° to 70°

Low maintenance

No painting or staining required. No stains from food or drink spills. No algal growth.

Does not rot

Contains no timber content that will rot or can be eaten by insects

Minimal movement

Very little expansion and contraction in the boards


High-grip surface much safer than wood, especially in the wet

Stain resistant

Non-porous, so will not absorb dirt, liquids, food, fats etc

Invisible fixing system

Durafix stainless steel screws disappear under the lastane surface leaving barely a trace

Environmentally friendly

Base materials have low impact on global warming and ozone depletion

Low carbon footprint

Carbon footprint verified and UKAS accredited

Date Added: Tuesday, 14th May 2019