Get the Look: Tui Hues

Be inspired by the beautiful plumage of our native Tui bird - this colour will help transition your interior to spring perfectly! Achieve this look by pairing pale timbers (we chose a Chevron Oak parquet), with soft greys, charcoal and of course blues to tie in with the Tui's plumage. A caramel sofa like the one pictured will add warmth whilst remaining in style for many seasons. Finish off with soft gold or brass finishing touches such as lighting and accessories for a feeling of luxury.

Interior Inspo: Tui Hues

Pro-Plank Chevron 120 x 600

Knit bedding

Wall art
820 NZD -

Throw pillow

Marble vase
71 NZD -

Dark Rider Flat Edge Cushion
205 NZD -

Tinte Mini Hurricane
27 NZD -

Foliage Safari Pine Stem

Upholstery sofa

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Date Added: Monday, 22nd August 2016