Environmental Benefits of Engineered Flooring

Environmental Benefits of Engineered Flooring

Did you know that when you choose engineered flooring over solid timber flooring (of the same dimensions) you are helping to decrease the amount of slow-growing natural hardwood timber needed to be harvested to make flooring each year? Let me explain...

Engineered timber only uses approximately ONE THIRD of the amount of solid hardwood resource compared to solid timber. With engineered timber, only the surface layer (aka wear layer) which is able to be sanded back, is made of solid hardwood timber. In comparison, solid timber is made up of 100% solid hardwood, two thirds of which will never be seen as it is located below the tongue - an area which cannot be sanded back. Therefore why wouldn't you opt for an engineered floor? The construction of engineered makes it much more stable too!

Our engineered flooring products are manufactured using non-controversial hardwood plywood and carefully sourced hardwood timbers. We take great care not to supply any products that use timber species that are harvested whilst being rare or endangered. The majority of our flooring has veneers made of European Oak, which remains a non-controversial species. We are pleased to advise that our Manor Collection range is PEFC certified, whilst Ultra, Smartfloor and Pro-Plank can be specially ordered in for you with FSC certification, although this will incur extra cost.

All of our engineered flooring products are CE certified and comply with the relevant European standards, including the very significant standards for Emissions of Formaldehyde.

Date Added: Wednesday, 15th March 2017