Creating Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Creating Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow
Manor Atelier Malachite installation in Mt MaunganuiManor Atelier Natural installation in Roy's Peak, WanakaIndoor/Outdoor flow ft. Ultra Bordeaux OakIndoor/Outdoor Flow ft. Millboard Coppered OakIndoor/Outdoor flow ft. Manor Atelier Classic 260 + Millboard Smoked Oak Indoor/Outdoor flow ft. Manor Classique HillsdaleIndoor/Outdoor flow ft. Smartfloor Antique OakIndoor/Outdoor flow ft. Ultra Driftwood OakIndoor/Outdoor flow ft. Manor Classique La GrangeIndoor/Outdoor flow ft. Smartfloor Antique OakIndoor/Outdoor flow ft. Ultra Marbled OakIndoor/Outdoor Flow ft. Millboard Smoked Oak

With our new Millboard decking range we can now provide you with a complete indoor and outdoor flooring package! Whether you want your decking and flooring to be a perfect match or a contrasting colour, a modern look, rustic look, or a mixture of both - the options are endless!

Top Tips for creating Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Flow:
• For a seamless look, match the colour and direction between your timber flooring and decking.
• If you can't find a perfect colour match or an option that shares similar tones - go for a complete contrast!
• Level-entry joinery further enhances flow as it allows an uninterrupted line of sight between the indoors and out
• Bi-fold doors that fold right back or corner sliders that disappear into a cavity really help to open up a space

Our Millboard decking collection features the look and texture of real timber but is more hardwearing and durable - meaning your decking can now look every bit as beautiful as your timber flooring indoors! Millboard is available in a range of fashionable and highly fade-resistant colours, which require virtually no maintenance over their lifetime.

Get inspired by our flooring and decking colour matches via the link below, or alternatively contact us for help choosing your perfect flooring and decking combination!


Date Added: Tuesday, 26th March 2019