At Forté we are passionate about the environment and all that it provides for us. In a world where deforestation is a real threat, we realize the importance of environmental responsibility and are actively taking steps to help preserve our beautiful forests for future generations.

The majority of our products use Oak sourced from European and French forests. Although these forests are ethically maintained, it is important for us to give back to the environment - so we have committed ourselves to replant what we use. Quick calculations proved that in 2017 we used approximately 2000 trees - so in 2018 we will be planting 2,000 Oak trees to offset what we have used. The trees will be planted in the Forest of Forté in France!

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You can check out our replanting progress on our Tree-Nation web page by clicking on the link below.


Benefits of replanting include:

• Reducing climate change
• Restoring degraded forests
• Creating Fresh Air
• Helping to prevent flora and fauna extinction
• Creating employment

Choosing the Right Wood

Our engineered timber products are manufactured using carefully sourced hardwood timbers and non-controversial plywood. We take great care not to supply any products that use timber species that are harvested whilst being rare or endangered. The majority of our engineered products have veneers made of European Oak, which remains a non-controversial species. We are pleased to advise that our Manor collection is PEFC certified, and our Imondi collection is both FSC and LEED certified. PEFC certification can be obtained for all of our other engineered timber collections although this does incur extra cost.

Minimizing Wastage

The vast majority of our timber flooring and wall covering collection has an engineered type construction. Engineered timber uses approximately one third of the amount of slow-growing hardwood resource compared to solid timber of the same dimensions. By supplying engineered timber products instead of solid timber we are helping to minimize the amount of slow-growing natural hardwood timber needed to be harvested to make these products each year. Learn more