Introducing: The New Look Forté

The team at Forté are super-excited to finally unveil our big reveal - our new-look brand!

Introducing: The New Look Forté

Behind the revamp

As a company we are all about constant improvement. The original Forté Flooring branding was beginning to look dated and as a market-leading brand that didn't reflect what we stand for. We needed a brand that embodied our personality. The new Forté: refined, modern and timeless. It's who we are.

Along with the brand refresh, we dropped the word Flooring from Forté Flooring to simply become 'Forté'. Because these days we don't only do timber flooring, we do timber for walls and ceilings too! Forté says it all - we are good at what we do.

Our new icon

The abstract line graphic that you may have observed on our website and marketing collateral is a modern representation of a tree's heartwood and growth rings. Heartwood is the supporting foundation of the tree and is very strong and resistant to decay. Heartwood perfectly aligns with the literal translation of forte as 'strong'.

The growth rings pay tribute to our heritage in timber, which over many years has brought knowledge and wisdom. More abstractly, the growth rings represent the three generations that have nurtured Forté into what it is today. They are also evocative of a fingerprint, illustrating the personal approach and attention to detail that Forté provide.

Our brand persona

Forté is the specialist in timber interiors. Forté is personified as the market-leader, the trend-setter, the inspiration. A name synonymous with quality, style and class. Friendly, approachable, helpful, genuine. Knowledgeable, trusted, - the industry expert.

The Forté mission

Forté seek to enhance the lives of our end customers and supply chain partners alike by supplying high quality products whilst providing excellent service and unparalleled expertise.

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Date Added: Monday, 4th September 2017